Beast Mode Appears to only be Calculating First Part


I have a beast mode that calculates the number of units based off the Period (month) and how far into that month we currently are.  The beast mode was working fine but once we got into Period 2 the total is only calculating the total for the first period. Something is causing it to stop and I cannot pinpoint what the cause is.  Attachments should hopefully clarify the situation.  Notice on the card how it calculates the breakout of each period but in the total it only showing the first period.  Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Beast Mode.PNG



  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    next time just copy paste your SQL ... it's hard to help troubleshoot b/c first thing i want to do is reformat your code and remove parenthesis, but i'm not gonna type it out.


    I would recommend taking each section of code and putting it in it's own beast mode and see where it breaks.


    be careful with your ELSE 0.  you are probably accidentaly multiplying by NULL or ZERO which makes it look like your code 'isn't working'.

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