Date Column importing incorrectly (subtracting a day)


I am using the Microsoft Sharepoint Online Connector to bring in some data from an excel file. I have a date column, that for whatever reason, comes into the DOMO datebase a day earlier than what is listed in the excel document. It has also added time to the date column. I have tried lots of different date formats to see if it changes anything, but it is always different.


Comparing the data it looks like this:


Excel file: 
Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Domo database:
1 Dec 2020 17:00:00 PM

Anyone have any ideas why it is doing this? I thought that perhaps it is accounting for timezones or differences? but that doesn't make sense to me.

Thanks for your help!


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    When data gets loaded into Domo it's assumed data is being sent in UTC.

    Then when Domo displays the data to you, it is translated into the timezone of your "Company Settings."  so if the your company was in EST the data should be 'automatically converted'.


    places where people fall over is in not transmitting the data in UTC or conducting ETL in domo to adjust the timezone... which always leads to heart ache.



    To avoid the issue entirely, ensure that the data is being loaded as just DATE.  If you have a Date column with a time component, it will assume the time is midnight, AND THEN Domo will 'help' by adjusting ?

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