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Hello, Experts,


Excuse me for being naive. I am a python developer and I am looking for a way to integrate data from an API that was built in the 16th century (sarcasm).


The API allows for GET/POST/UPDATE/DELETE via RESTful API libraries but the responses come back as XML (hence 16th century). How the data is structured is horrible, you have to iterate through an unknown amount of pages to get child data so you can then use that child data to relate to other endpoints.


As many of you know, in any programming language you could create logic that will allow you to grab data, transform it and then ship it to some sort of database or data store for you to consume. I am trying to avoid building an app to then have Domo pull in this data via a connector, however, it seems like that will not be the case.


What I have tried to do is create an advanced XML connection using basic HTTP authentication, which works, and pull the data in. However, since 100 records are displayed per page you have to query the request three times to get the child data I'm looking for. This is fine I would just create three separate data connectors.


However, when I need to relate that to other GET requests to bring down XML data for each ID (organization) I will need to do a separate request which in turn would be a new connection (right now that would be 230+ connections). As you can see this is not feasible, programmatically I would use a for loop to iterate through each response to pull data data as needed nightly and load to a database and then look to pump data up to Domo once I have it the way I want it.


My question before I go through developing a custom data connector in Domo is what I am trying to do possible? Can I code in Domo using Python or is it only JS?


Let me know your thoughts and do not hesitate to shoot questions my way. Thanks, folks!


-Isaiah Melendez


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