Color Rules on a Story


I have a story built out with many different charts, but the colors are different on each one.  The charts are comparing what different teams in our organization are doing and I would like have the same color represent each team across all the charts/cards in the story.  Is this possible to do without editing each card individually?  I have 20+ colors to assign so that will be very time consuming to do on every card. 


  • MarkSnodgrass

    When creating a color rule, you can choose if you want to apply it to just that card, or to all cards that use that dataset. If your story page is only using one dataset, then you could build the rule once on a card and tell it to apply to all cards in this dataset and you would be done. If you have multiple datasets in your story page, you would need to go into at least one card for each dataset and build the same rule.

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