Income Statement


I have a dataset of all accounts but I need to create calculated rows like Income before taxes, net income, etc. 


What would be the best way to create income statement cards?


  • GrantSmith

    You can create custom column calculations using a Beast Mode / Calculated Field. Here's knowledge base article with some more information on those.


    If you're wanting to know how to do it across the entire data set then you'd need to do some additional calculations using a window function inside your beast mode which is more complex and requires the feature to be enabled in your instance (you'd need to talk with your CSM)

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    this is a tough project. I've seen it done poorly ... a lot.


    you'll need to start with what I call an 'account schedule' but it'll need to be granular.


    you'll need a minimum of two columns (row_name, and join_account) 

    in the dataset you'll need one row for each account in the calculated row.


    income , 4001

    income, 4002,

    cogs, 5201

    cogs, 5301

    profit, 4001

    profit, 4002

    profit, 5201

    profit, 5301


    you'll also add the individual posting accounts

    retail sales, 4001

    web sales , 4002

    raw materials, 5201

    shipping fees, 5301


    you may want to extend your account schedule with an isInvertSign flag to help adjust values for display purposes.


    you'll then JOIN this dataset back to your transactions.  now you can put row_name on the axis and sum(amount).


    if you need a freelance consultant who has done this before, this guys is available for short term and long term projects and has a strong focus on leveraging Domo for finance applications.


    Jae Wilson
    Check out my 🎥 Domo Training YouTube Channel 👨‍💻

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  • user069636

    @jaeW_at_Onyx  I was able to get to that part, but I am unsure how to create rows like Gross profit, where the calculation is not just sum, but subtraction of sum of cogs from sum of sales. Is there a way for me to create those different calculations for gross profit, operating income, income before taxes?

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