Are There Sometimes Visual Bugs on Cards?




I have been recently been seeing visual bugs on some cards that I am using and am wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue as well. Is there any way to prevent this some occurring? Wondering if it is a browser cache issue or Domo related.


I have a few cards that show me a distinct volume of orders, and sometimes the distinct volume for the summary number and grand total will show me one number (incorrect), and then update later in the day to another number (correct). I confirmed the daily dataset refresh did not occur during this time.


Attached is a screenshot of one of the cards that I looked at a few days ago, and the distinct volume was showing 83 in the morning. A few hours later, when I pulled it up again to check, it updated to 78 which is correct. (no changes were made on the card)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    this could be ... 'normal' behavior.  


    if i were a betting man, i'd look at when your datasets finish updating (indexing) versus when you see these 'errors'.  two possible issues.  if your dataflows are updating mid day ... your users are getting confused about timings (this can be particularly challenging if your one dashboard is built off of several datasets that finish running at different times).  


    OR, Domo by design occasionally has lag between when dashboards query Adrenaline ( the database layer) to see if the data has updated.  so if you have a dataset that updates often, sometimes it can take a second or two (or maybe you just have to change filter criteria) before the data gets required and updated.  AFAIK this was a ... feature introduced in the last few months to help with dashboard performance.


    SOLUTION: make sure your datasets finish updating 15 minutes before end users will be looking at them.  if your datasets are updating multiple times a day, put a card on the page that shows the last time the dataset was updated.


    if you're submitting a support ticket ... be ... careful about what you describe as a bug.  bug usually means "the product didn't work.  the card is broken." it's clearly ... not broken because you got a result.  if i were describing this to support i might call it a "cached result".  or "the result in analyzer is not the same as the result i see when i look at the data in adrenaline." this is a much more specific issue that a support technician is unlikely to immediately dismiss.  it might sound like semantics, but clear and specific language is sometimes the difference between having your issue resolved quickly ... or shuffled to the bottom of the pile.

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  • Hi Jae,


    Thank you for the response. The dataflow updates once a day, around 5am, so I don't think it is an updating issue as the user does not look at the card until at earliest 8am. But perhaps it could be a caching issue as you mentioned.


    Thank for clarifying the bug - I should have used different terminology for posting.

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