Is it possible to connect from Domo to an AWS RDS instance via AWS privatelink?


My company is an AWS user. I'm considering creating a MySQL RDS instance and then using it as a data source for Domo. In order to improve security, I'd like to connect via the AWS network rather than the Internet. I believe that AWS PrivateLink is intended for this purpose.


Can anyone help?





  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    AFAIK, no.  It's a security risk Domo is unwilling to expose their other clients to. 


    Your options are to transfer your data into Domo for storage & visualization ,or take advantage of the (premium) federated query solution,


    drawbacks to be aware of, you cant perform ETL on data that has been ingested into Domo via Federated query, and the cost of each query is passed onto you and your database (as opposed to being handled by Domo infrastructure).  If you comb through the docs there is more information about caching.  

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