ETL Pivot Help


Good morning,


I have something I'm struggling with.


In my screen shot attachment, the top table is how the data currently is.  The bottom table is how I want it.


This example is just 1 drive ID (157624 far left column) and it has 2 shift id's (257650 and 257651).  For every different drive id, the shift id's will be completely different, unique numbers.  So this is the only instance where 257650 and 257651 will occur.  I don't need those specific numbers, they just represent different shifts, with the lower of the 2 numbers always being shift 1 (in this case, 257650).  These are the only pieces of data we have to identify different shifts.  We don't, for example, have a column with fields that say "shift 1" or "shift 2".