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I created a card that is used on several pages/dashboards. However it happens quite often that some people want to remove the card from their dashboard and they click on "Delete Card" instead of "Remove" from the menu:


By using "Delete Card" it will delete the card on all the pages/dashboards! Which is problematic…


I think it's a bad UI design from Domo: deleting a card should only be possible from the card's details page and not from the dashboard page.


Is there a way to avoid this behavior? The card is deleted by people with Admin permissions (so I didn't give special permissions to these people).




  • GrantSmith

    Hi @Aymeric 


    Really it's going to require more training for your users. When selecting Delete there is a dialog box that pops up which warns users of the consequences and that it will delete cards from this and all other pages. This action cannot be undone.

    Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 7.44.02 AM.png


    Similarly the Remove option has a dialog box outlining what exactly it will be doing.

    Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 7.47.44 AM.png


    If your admin users can't be trusted with the power they're given (or to read) then you'd want to look into revoking their admin privileges and giving them different permissions (or possibly setting up a custom role if you have those - the downside is that Domo doesn't split out edit and delete permissions so they're grouped together). If that's not an option then perhaps next time it happens make them recreate the card to feel the pain of their mistakes to help them learn the difference better.


    Alternatively you could talk to your CSM to see if that's some thing Domo could customize your instance and if there's a cost associated with it.

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Agree with @GrantSmith ... the warning is right there in the message.  Imagine if the option wasn't there.  Then users would have to take several additional clicks to delete a card... 


    Obviously no one reads popups ? so you do have a few options

    1) you can LOCK a card so that only Admins and People who own the card can alter it.

    2) you can create custom roles, talk to your CSM that will allow you to grant the right to edit cards or pages or not.


    Training Plans are obviously the easiest route that will lead to the fewest heartaches.

    When I work with clients to develop roll-out strategies, training is obviously a hot topic.  People have limited time and are impatient.  The Domo App Store has free training apps that can be consumed in digestible 2 to 5-minute chunks and are use case-specific. 


    One of my clients requires users to complete a set of training before they can unlock certain rights in Domo.  Which really just makes sense... if people use a product without training, of course, they will find ways to use it incorrectly!


    In my first week with the Domo product, I blew up the EMEA-wide Sales Reporting dashboard... which sent emails all the way up to Executive Leadership.  Training matters!



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  • Aymeric

    Thanks for your suggestions.


    I agree: people don't read popups. And the error could be quite easy to do, it's why I think it would be a better user experience to not have this option showing up from a dashboard/page, but only on the card details itself.


    To resolve it on our side: a message has been sent to the admins to make sure they understand the difference between the two options, and I certified my card, which should limit the number of people who can delete it.

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