Maximum length of console output exceeded


We are using Datagrid connector type to create custom connector.


After the authorization step, while calling external API to fetch order details, the resulting response displayed in console is limiting to only one record giving message -  Maximum length of console output exceeded.


Please do let us know what might be the issue?


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user062862 


    Do you have a lot of DOMO.log statements or a large loop logging the same statement over and over? Have you tried commenting out some of those DOMO.log lines to see if that solves your problem?


    Essentially your error is stating your sending too many DOMO.log messages to the console output. 

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Domo by default does have a limit to how wide datasets can be when stored in Domo.  if you're using datagrid you need to be careful how nested objects are treated because with datagrid they just get flattened into a very wide record.


    consider an array of airbnb_listing dataset.

    ideally your dataset should be just key value pairs where the value are single value.


    but what if your record contains a multi value array (like a list of amenities at the property).  Domo would flatten this into one column per amenity, i.e. col_amentiy01, col_amenity02, col_amenity03.  This gets really wide really fast.


    OR, consider what happens if your record contains a key value pair that can be another nested object (like an airbnb_listing with a nested host object that contains all the attributes of a host including all of their listings)

    domo would flatten that into host_name, host_address1, host_listing01, host_listing02 ... etc.


    this gets really wide very fast.  hence the inherent limitation of datagrid for parsing json objects.  


    i'm not positive this is what you're experiencing, but it might benefit from trying to log the data BEFORE you parse it with datagrid and check Object.keys() and get a sense for the shape of a record.

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