Case statement to filter by minimum and maximum values


I would like to be able to filter by a summed value. As Domo unfortunately does not allow Aggregated filters, could I bucket the locations into small medium and large by percentage of max and then allow a filter to be used that uses that case statement? Has anyone had a similar problem?


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user084747 


    You wouldn't be able to bucket your dataset and then filter because you're still using an aggregate (MAX) to calculate the percentage of it. There isn't a production ready option except for to utilize either a DataView (beta) or Data Fusion to pre-aggregate your data into another dataset and then use that resulting dataset as your input. The downside of this is that you lose the granularity of your original dataset but you'd be able to filter based on the summed data.


    There is a very alpha feature to filter based on aggregate filters that you would need to work with your CSM to get it enabled however there are a lot of limitations to it and doesn't always work as needed depending on how your data and card are configured.

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    You can't build a CASE statement on your Aggregate in Analyzer / Beast modes even with the Beta feature @GrantSmith  is referring to.


    Said beta feature ("Filter on Aggregates") will allow you to ... filter on aggregates, but it won't solve the problem of wanting to bucket activities based on an aggregate.


    This is a well covered topic in the Dojo. But here's a tutorial to go with it.

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