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Hello all, 

This should be simple and straight forward but I can't find the setting/property I'm looking for. I currently have a calendar chart showing values in each day. However the values have been abbreviated by millions and I'd like to see the full value rather than the abbreviation. I don't see an option in the properties but maybe I have overlooked something? The example in the Calendar chart domo page shows non abbreviated values so...

Image from Gyazo


Image from Gyazo



  • GrantSmith

    Hi @Crisocir 

    It does appear that there isn't an option to change the abbreviation formatting of the value in the Calendar. The knowledge base article appears to show something that isn't possible. You could put your value in the Event Name and leave the value blank which would display your values however you'd lose the heatmap coloring based on the value.

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  • Crisocir

    That's a bummer, but thanks

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