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I have some data that I want to display in a table. If I select the mega table the table is scrollable both in the edit card view and in the dashboard page but if I select the HTML Table (which looks much nicer) the table is only scrollable in the edit view mode. 


Is it a known bug and I'll need to stick to mega table or is the something I can do?


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  • @andres - it's not so much a bug in the HTML table cards as it is a specific feature that was added to mega tables.  


    Prior to mega tables, the only option for a table card was the HTML table.  In order to scroll you have to expand the card an looking at the card details.  



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  • andres

    Hi @ST_-Superman-_ thanks for your reply!

    The thing is that I'm embedding a Dashboard/page so users don't have that option (I'm not sure if it's possible to change it in the embed options but we don't want to redirect users/change the view). So I guess that I'll need to stick to Mega Tables.

    I tried looking for documentation but I couldn't find anything, is there somewhere where I can find which features are supported? 


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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @andres ... it's on the user to build the card that they want.  i appreciate that the nuances of the differences between an HTML table card and a Megatable might not be clear.... but that's what the dev process is for.  can you imagine being asked to document what features are supported in a pie chart versus features supported in a bar chart?


    HTML tables were built first.  They have the ability to add custom HTML styling and features by integrating HTML scripting into beast modes.  (just google it + domo table card)


    HTML tables as you discovered do not support scrolling in dashboard mode.


    Mega tables do suport scrolling and dynamic sorting, but do not support the addition of HTML.

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