Modifying and running a data set set-up by a former employee


Hi everyone-


I was trying to edit (and change the auto-run schedule) a data set built via the Salesforce connector that was set-up by a former employee. I had to login with a separate account (into the Salesforce API Connector via DOMO) and I had the "admin" user make themselves the co-owner and remove a few fields on the data set. 


We hadn't tampered with the the auto-run schedule. However, after making the changes, the auto-run schedule doesn't seem to be working and we are unable to manually run the data set either. Attached is a screenshot of the error message.


Just wanted to check if there's a quick way to do get the data set up and running again. Unfortunately, I don't know who has access at the Salesforce level to be able to re-create the fields/objects/reports from scratch.




  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user054938 


    Have you verified that the account used to connect Domo to Salesforce is the same one that has access to that account? Are the permissions for the new account the same as the old account?


    Your dataset isn't updating because you're having permissions issues, nothing to do with the schedule.



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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    in order to use a connector. you must configure an account (credentials to that source system).


    THEN inside Domo, in order for another DOMO USER to refresh or rerun your SFDC (salesforce) connector, you must share the ACCOUNT with that USER.


    think about it.  the account you use to access SFDC from Domo is functionally a user name and password.  so inside Domo you have to share permission with another Domo user to give them permission to use your username and password.  (this is handled on the Data Tab under the keys.)


    If this didn't happen before the user left Domo, just replace the account used to setup the SFDC connector with your own credentials assuming you have access to the data and then make sure to share your account with other people.


    typically i recommend using a shared service account inside Domo specifically for this situation.

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