Google Ads Data Discrepancy Between API Reports


There are several reports you can bring into Domo through the API scripting to Google Sheets then have the Google Sheets Connector pull in the data. I have set up this process in our instance and it has been working perfectly for several months.  The trouble I find is between reports such as Geo Performance, Ad Performance, and Keyword Performance there are differences with UI reports sometimes and among the individual reports.   So one report will be correct for one clients data and another will incorrect.  Switching clients in a different report the opposite is true one clients data will be correct and another will be incorrect.


Our use case is to show the clients their own individual data from one dashboard. We are using the same cards and just filter for each client.  The problem is I can't power the same card with two separate datasets.  One client will see the correct data from two different reports. 


Anyone else deal with this issue?  Or are there any suggestions to help with this?


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user075511 


    I had too many issues going down the Google Sheets path with timing issues and the data not being updated in time when Domo would attempt to run the script or the Google Sheet population script would fail silently and I had no visibility into it until it was already too late and in the system duplicating data. Is your data up to date in the Google Sheets by the time the Domo job is scheduled to run so it's only pulling in correct data (aka - is there a timing issue)?


    I ended up writing a custom python script to pull the data via the Google Ads API and then processing the data and uploading it to Domo via the Domo API SDK which gave me more control over the data pipeline in case issues arose.

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