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I have a pivot table with 1 row and 2 columns which works fine except when 1 of the columns has a zero count for all rows it disappears. How can I force that column to display with zeroes? As you can see, the orange group has no "High" category column as the count is 0 - I want to show this. The count is a BM calculated field (count distinct) as there are valid duplicates in the data set for the value counted.




  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    if the combination of row and column values don't exist, it won't show up in your pivot table.  because your pivot table has no way of knowing that this combination of values 'should exist'.


    what you can do is UNION 'template' rows to your final dataset that includes each desired combination of rows/columns values, just fill the metric column with 0.  just be advised that a count of 0 is 1 and also an average including 0 will impact the measurement.


    in the training i deliver, i call this 'building the universe of potential values'.


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  • Soda

    Hi Jae,


    I had a feeling a new data set was the only option. It's going to be tricky as I need to build row sub-totals and row and columns totals but your video has given me a different perspective to tackle this problem. I'll let you know once I build it


    Thanks mate ?

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