Rename Filename on appending report from Workbench


Weekly I am appending the reports using workbench. I want to rename the Filename column into week number so that I could use this for my Week Over Week analysis. For example: my report names are "Jan 10", "Jan 17" and so on and Filename column generated as C\:work\Jan 10.xlsx. I want this filename to be look like "Jan 10", "Jan 17" and so on.  

Could you please suggest how can we do that. Attached is a screen shot.

Thanks for your help!





  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user033540 

    You could utilize a calculated field transform on your workbench job to attempt to parse out the characters from your filename field to leave only the formatted date.


    Another option is to leave it as is and use a view (Beta) or Data Flow to calculate it after it's been ingested into domo and use this new data set in place of your workbench dataset.


    You can utilize a combination of LEFT() and RIGHT() functions to trim the start and end of your file name string assuming it's in the same format every time.

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