HTML as an image in an html table


Hello, we are trying to report on performance of certain creatives within one of our ad serving platforms: flashtalking. 


Within Flashtalking they have a link which takes you to a preview of the advertisement, however the creative is not in an image format, just HTML: example (


Is there any way to get whatever is in the HTML to display, or am I only limited to html links pointing directly to an image?




  • GrantSmith

    Hi @JustinB 


    If you're using a web browser you can right click and select "View Page Source" or something similar to view the actual HTML used to display the image. You'd need to look for the <IMG src="xxx"> tag to determine the format that flashtalking is using and how they're using the same identifier as the link to them utilize that <IMG...> tag in an HTML table to display the image.

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  • JustinB

    The ad is animated so the file src is an index.html so it will not actually be an image file. Would love to be able to show the resulting animation in a table



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