Changing field names


Is there a way to change the naming of a field output.  Our organization names are long and take up a lot of space on a chart.  I would like to shorten the names so they appear cleaner on the chart.  Can this be done in beast mode and can you give me an example.


Example: Mount Carmel Health System change to MCHS

I would need to do this with about 20 organization names


Thank you




  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user082291 


    From what I'm understanding you're asking about renaming the column / field name and not the values in the field itself?


    You can do this several ways, the first is when editing a card you can select the field displayed in the x-axis/y-axis/series etc section on top of the graph and put a value into the Data Label field. You'd have to do this for all cards though.


    Another option would be to utilize a Select Column tile and a Magic ETL DataFlow to rename the columns.


    A third option (if you have access to the beta) is to utilize a DataView and rename the columns in the view itself which would update automatically when the underlying dataset is run which is likely the best option if you have access.

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Do you want to rename columns or do you want to rename the VALUES in the column?


    I think @GrantSmith  is describing renaming columns and what you actually want to do is remap values.


    If you're after the later,


    You can build a beast mode with a CASE statement


    CASE when `Company Name` = CompanyLongName' then 'A'

    when `Company Name` = CompanyLongNameB' then 'B'


    ELSE `Company Name`



    What I would do is actually create a Webform with two columns

    CompanyLongName, CompanyShortName


    then JOIN the webform to my data using a FUSION or a DataSet View (it's a beta feature talk to your CSM) 


    then build a beastmode


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