Connecting LivePerson to DOMO?


I tried contacting LivePerson about this but as they are unfamiliar with DOMO they couldn't answer.

It's a messaging service, and I want to retrieve two datasets from there: Message logs, and KPIs.

For now I just want to look at the message logs to get me going. There's no DOMO Connector for LivePerson so I have to create one.

I am already stuck at the authentication step.


From LivePerson, I have generated the following API keys:

App key: xxxxx
Secret: yyyyy
Access token: zzzzz
Access token secret: vvvvv


I have absolutely no idea how to tie this into LivePerson's documentation. They have zero examples of how to use their API. A ton of information, but zero examples.

First, they ask you to retrieve your domain. In my case for msgHist this would be .


...that's it. I have no idea how to make an authorization script with that information. I looked into making an OAuth 2.0 but it seems like this is not required except in the case of programs/applications, so I think DOMO would be fine without. It also says in the documentation that just using an API Key or login would be fine.

It goes on to tell me how to do a POST request but it's not even connected to the API key in any way? 

If I go to that URL it returns the following: 



Anyone have some pointers? I have been googling and searching around their documentation to no avail.




  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    uh... is this not what you're describing for?



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