Concatenating records from a scheduled run at EOD


Hi everyone, I have a job that loads nearly 5k records (and ~100 columns) worth of data every day towards EOD. I want to be able to create a data set that concatenates the records the data from each day (say either for 2 weeks or 1 month). Ideally for the data set from each day, I will add another column (something to the effect of today() as BUSINESS_DATE)  along with the columns from the data set. The next day, I'd get the new data set which would have that day's date populated and the records appended to the "union/concatenated" records.


I'd really appreciate any advice on a way to do it using DOMO's existing ETL tools (or any other tool) I've looked at "Append Rows" in "Magic ET" but I'm not able to set up.


Thanks in advance!