Domo Workbench - Workbench Quickbooks connector - TIPS, TRICKS & NOTES - ***BETA***


Domo Workbench - Workbench Quickbooks connector - TIPS, TRICKS & NOTES


  • I have had to enable the local 'Administrator' account and impersonate the 'Administrator' local user account to get the jobs to run. 
  • I am unable to get Microsoft accounts to run Quickbooks jobs.
  • Do not follow suggestions to change properties of Quickbooks exe's to 'run as administrator'.
  • There are log files such as 'C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks\qbsdklog.txt' which prove to be very helpful. 
  • Under the Quickbooks general settings I disabled 'keep Quickbooks running'.
  • It is best to clear out and disable any messages that may hang up the Quickbooks automation.
  • Also I found that I had to run a report in Quickbooks before I could use it in Workbench (still need to confirm this).


Other notes -


If you have a newer laptop/pc you may run into an issue where port 808 is being used which conflicts with the Workbench.  The app is 'OneApp.IGCC.WinService.exe'.  Anything which runs on port 808 other than the Domo Workbench will cause a red message to appear which says, "Live updates not available".


The Domo documentation does not provide any help for issues and the support team needs to be trained on supporting the Quickbooks connector for Domo Workbench.  My hunch is that there are people who have no longer work at Domo who had in-depth knowledge of the Quickbooks connector.  I hope what I have put together here helps someone else.





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