Add custom message in domo scheduled report for users

SumanK Member
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Hello Domo Experts,


I have just started using DOMO and need your help to understand if this features is with DOMO or not.


I have created a dashboard and scheduled weekly for end users to consume. I want to add some custom message for end users when the dashboard is sent out to users on emails like below.


This is your weekly Sales report for South region.

Thank You 

Help me if this feature is available with DOMO or not.





  • GrantSmith

    Hi @SumanK 

    I don't believe there's a way to customize the message sent in the scheduled report however you may want to talk with your CSM to determine if the Campaigns App add-on would be able to solve your problems (you can search for it in the Domo AppStore to see how it works as well)


    You may be able to add a text card to your dashboard which would get included when sending via email to deliver your custom message but it would appear for users going to the dashboard in Domo as well.

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