Create Task on Dataflow Output by Row


Hi! If this isn't the right forum to post this, please let me know.


TL;DR: I'm trying to automate alerts/tasks from the output of a dataflow such that each row in the output gets its own task instead of the entire updated dataset getting one bulk "dataset is updated, here you go" task. Two failed attempts are detailed below.


I've created a discrepancy report such that the output of a DataFlow are only errant rows that need to be addressed by a person. I'd like to automate creating a task for each row in the output dataset to track how each item is dealt with.


  • Create an alert (with Task action attached) to make an alert whenever a row is added to the dataset. The issue here is that it creates one row for all of the added rows (e.g. Client1: <discrepancy>, Client2: <discrepancy>... all on the same task)
  • Attempt to create a recursive DataFlow with defined & mutually exclusive continue/exit conditions that are re-assessed after each iteration of a few DataFlows. Description is below in case I'm writing this incorrectly, but it appears that Domo really doesn't like recursion the way I'm trying to implement it.


Current Recursive DataFlow

On each iteration, a single non-processed row (identified by hash function in another DataFlow, these will always be unique) is added to a staging table, and an alert + task is driven off of the single-row staging table. The hash is logged to a master hash list against which all future iterations are checked. The exit condition is when there are no rows to process, and the continuation condition is when there are non-processed hashes.