show percent on period over period graph


I want to show the percentage of anonymous callers on a period over period bar graph but the %percent over time option in the bar label setting uses the total of the entire time periods (current quarter, prior quarter and prior year) in the denominator. I want the percentage of anonymous just for the quarter and one for the prior quarter and one of the prior year bar.


I am thinking i need to create beast mode field(s) to do this but can't seem to get it. This Relates to whether a hotline call was anonymous or not.


Here is what I have: SUM(`Anonymous` when 'yes')/ SUM(`Anonymous` when 'yes' AND 'no')

I have tried using count and count case when but keep getting syntax errors.  I have attached a copy of my chart, but the percentages are wrong, as mentioned the denominator is the count of all three time periods.  Thank you in advance for any assistance on how to accomplish this. Jill








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    Hello @GrantSmith Thank you for your input, this is most helpful.  I will give this a try.  

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