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Hello.  When designing a dashboard, every time I add more than a screen's worth of data to the dashboard I get a message from DOMO warning me that the data is tall and that I should be careful because if I display on a TV, the data will not display correctly.  

That is great.  Now how do I display on a TV?


The only way i have been able to do this in the past is with publications making the link viewable to external because we don't want the TV user to have to login every time, but that just displays one card after another and instead I just want to display the dashboard I designed.  And using the Dashboard URL requires the user on the TV to login...

Appreciate any help.


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    Hi Colin,


    Couple of ways that I can think of doing this...

    If you have an Apple TV device, there is a Domo app available there which can display dashboards on to TV screens.


    If you are wanting to plug a computer/laptop in to a TV to display the dashboard and also avoid having someone logged in to the browser session, I think perhaps using Domo Everywhere might be worth a look. This would let you publish your Domo dashboard to a URL which could then be displayed in a browser on the TV. This can be done without having anyone logged in to Domo. It does require additional work to set up though.   ( )


    The simplest way I believe though is to just full screen a dashboard using a user who is logged directly in to the platform. If you're concerned about someone hijacking the machine it's plugged in to you could lock the user account down & unplug peripherals while in use.


    Hope this helps!



    Hey Colin -- we had to solve for this exact use case at my office as well. 

    Here are a few learning curve tidbits from my growing pains:

    @Jamie is correct, the AppleTV app can work, but I had bad experiences with it. There were several cosmetic bugs and the behavior seems to be erratic. Her second suggestion of using a browser is a better solution, but:

    * You must use a Desktop/Laptop/Raspberry Pi  using a traditional Chrome/Firefox based browser. The native TV-OS browsers aren't officially supported (ask me how I found out!)

    Our solution was the second one. I ordered a bunch of cheap Raspberry Pi's, loaded them up with Raspbian/Pi OS, launched Chromium (Chrome), then logged into Domo with a very locked down user that couldn't do any damage if hi-jacked.

    As for content, you will want to make sure whatever is going to be used on a "TV Dashboard" is complimentary to a TV presentation. Fewer cards with very contrasting and obvious visual metaphors work best. If your content is becoming to tall, then you should ask yourself if it makes sense for a static TV view, if someone should interact with the TV, or if you potentially need multiple dashboards or TVs.

    This has worked great for us ever since implementing. I recommend finding some nice high-res backgrounds to use as "page backgrounds", simple on-brand (for your company) color schemes, and your logo somewhere on the page to really help the dashboards pop. 

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