Use JSON Advanced Connector to POST to an API


Hi there,

has anyone successfully got the JSON advanced connector to POST to an API, when using JSON data as parameters in a request body?


I've got a call working in Postman ok, but when I transfer it to DOMO I get an error: "Domo is ready, but the credentials you entered are invalid. Verify your account credentials and try again."

I can get simple API calls working with the JSON No Code connector to the same API (it doesn't use credentials).


The data I'm trying to send looks like this:

"aggs": [
{ "oql": {
"and": [
{"field": ["page_group", "equals", "ADP"]},
{"field": ["day", "between", ["2020-07-13", "2020-08-27"]]},
{"field": ["is_crawled_intraday", "equals", "true"]},
{"field": ["url_is_resource", "equals", "false"]}
"value": "crawl_hits:sum",
"fields": [{"name": "day"}]


any help/insights would be appreciated.



  • GrantSmith

    Hi @simontarry76

    You need to pass in the authentication headers. You can either do this an API/Developer token (More - Admin - Authentication - Access tokens).

    You'd need to pass in the header value

    X-Domo-Developer-Token: {TOKEN_VALUE}

    Alternatively you can do this also with a client ID and secret from

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