Number Format in a Table

I have a table that shows different number formatting within the same column. Is there a way to keep the different formatting?



Row 1: Percentage

Row 2: Whole Number

Row 3: Number with two decimal points


I am not seeing any articles on this.


  • You can set the number format for a whole column by clicking the pencil on the field name, then clicking "Data Format". Then you will see a drop-down where you can select the format you want.

    Field Options.PNGNumber Format.PNG


    Also, if your data is showing up with different formats in the same column, be sure that the column is stored as a number rather than text. Otherwise these options will not be available.

  • That is the problem. I need different formats for each cell of the column. 

  • I see, I misread your question. Out of curiosity, what is the reason behind having different data formats in the same column? I don't know of a way to do this offhand, but there may be another way to present it.

  • Boss man wants it that way. ?


    Basically we want different stats showing by Month, Example:

    Stat                         July                 August           Total

    Count of Stat         5,000             7,500             12,500

    Total for Month     8,000             9,000             17,000

    % of Stat                62.5               83.3                73.5


    Since I don't need decimals for the counts, but do need them for the % of stats. I need each row formatted different.

  • Hi @user013269 


    You'd need to format them as a string in the format you wish using your query before you pull it into Domo.

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  • So bring it over as text formatted whatever way I want? OK

  • Alternatively, there is a transpose option in the general settings of table cards. Then you can store each stat separately as a number with their own formatting.

  • Hmm. Transpose just flips the columns and rows. Unable to update the numbers after it does that. But I will ask the boss man if I can put the Months on the Left and the Stat Types on the top.

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