How to display week end date instead of week start date when aggregrating daily sales data to weekly

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I've got daily sales data that is currently aggregated in a WoW view in a bar graph in Domo - but the date on the x-axis shows the week start date. I'm trying to find a way to show the week end date on the x-axis instead in the same format ex: Current x-axis is displaying 2020-08-16 and I just need it to show as 2020-08-22 instead. I've tried various Beast Mode formulas/calculations based on my knowledge of SQL and so far, no luck. Any help would be appreciated!





  • Hi @EM 

    You can utilize DAYOFWEEK and some simple math to get the last day of the week.



    `Date` + INTERVAL (7 - DAYOFWEEK(`Date`)) DAY



    The DAYOFWEEK function returns a number between 1 (Sunday) and 7 (Saturday). Subtracting that from 7 gives us the number of days until the end of the week which we just add that number of days to the exiting `Date` value.

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  • thank you it works

    `startDate`+ INTERVAL (7 - DAYOFWEEK(`startDate`)) DAY

    Start date: 12/4/2022 // Week end Date: 12/10/2022