Recursive ETL issue - JOIN


I am having trouble with a recursive ETL. When I update my data set "Record Status", the rows are not appending, the duplicates are not replaced and the card data doubles. I believe the error is related to my join but I cannot pin point the issue. I have read many support articles pertaining to recursive ETL's which have not solved my issue. I am hoping that someone can review my case and point me in the right direction.


Please see the enclosed image for a better understanding of my current ETL.


Thank you,


  • Hi @user066906 ,

    It's likely not your join. With the changes in Magic ETL 2.0 NULLs are handled differently than in ETL 1.0. With 2.0 they are now handled the same way as SQL, as a special value.


    ETL 1.0: NULL <> 'Delete' = TRUE

    ETL 2.0: NULL <> 'Delete' = FALSE

    This is because you must use an explicit NULL check instead of <> 'Delete'.


    So on your filter tile, instead of saying <> 'Delete' change it to be 'IS NULL' instead of 'Not equal to'

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