disable all notifications for all users

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I directed a user to disable their alerts and notifications, but they cannot find their way.

I am an admin, is there any way to turn off notifications for all users from my admin account?


  • MichelleH

    Notifications like Buzz have to be configured by the user themselves, but you should have access to manage card alerts by going to the "Alerts" tab, selecting "All Alerts", and creating a "Subscribed to by" filter for that user. This will show all card alerts that the user receives. 


    Alerts Tab.PNGAll Alerts.PNGSubscribed to By.PNG


    From there, you can open each each alert and then click "Share" at the bottom of the screen. 


    Alert Details.PNG


    Finally, open the "Already shared with" drop down, and click the X next to the user you want to remove.


    Already Shared With.PNG