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Is it possible to pate a list of values from a text file or an excel column to filter down a table view or a dashboard? I want to be able to constantly filter for different large lists of ids to only show data for these ids in the dashboard or cards.


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user038587 

    The easier option is to take that excel file upload it to Domo and utilize a dataflow with a join to filter on those values. One caveat to this though is that it will remove the other values and you won't be able to filter on those  values any more in your card.


    There isn't a way to filter on a giant list via the card filters currently.


    There is a Beta currently for filter page views which would allow you to pre-define (although this would be manual and could take some time) and save those filters. Then a user can just select the pre-defined filter on the page and filter your dataset that way.

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Instead of uploading an excel spreadsheet, i'd use a Webform because then I can alter the values as necessary inside the Domo UI.


    Instead of JOINING in ETL, I'd use a Fusion to LEFT JOIN the data.  By using a Fusion you don't have to wait to reprocess the data if you want to add a new filter criteria.  It'll be instantaneous.


    You can extend this into Scenario Modeling.


    Imagine you have two columns

    Account_ID, Scenario


    and you create 6 account_IDs for Scenario  1

    then you can also add 10 account_IDs for Scenario 2.


    Super easy in your analyzer because now you cal filter on the Scenario column to show the data by different Scenarios.

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