OpenID Connect does not work with Amazon Cognito



When trying to setup Amazon Cognito as the OpenID Connect provider I get an "invalid_scope" error returned from Cognito.  This is created by the fact that Domo is requesting the following scopes on the request to Cognito:  


  • scope=openid profile email phone address

The address scope does not exist within Cognito and as far as I can tell shouldn't be required for Domo either - is there any way to prevent Domo from asking for this scope?  


Thanks, Ash. 



  • is this for a custom connector or a standard connector?

    if it's a custom connector, you can define your own scope.

    if it's for a standard connector, message support.

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  • Hi, 


    Thanks Jae, it's the standard SSO in the admin portal so I've raised it with support.  


    Thanks, Ash. 

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