Google Analytics Users problem




I used the Google Analytics connector in Domo for a long time now and all the metrics were good.

For the first , I used the Users metrics and I can't get the same number of users as I get directly in GA. I don't understand because the number of sessions is exavtly the same.

In the second image, Visiteurs = Users but the number is not the same a GA


  • user019875

    Are you running your data sets incrementally or all at once? For me, I started noticing my numbers were inconsistent about 2 months ago. If I look back 2 days and run once per day, I get the accurate number. Downside is the data is two days old versus going into GA and seeing real-time number.

  • Alexandre

    I run it everyday from January 1st to Yesterday. So everyday  the data is replaced by the new one