Bar Chart with pre-set category


I have data in the following format:

PersonStarting PointCurrent Point
JohnUnit 1Unit 4
JaneUnit 2Unit 5
JoeUnit 1Unit 3
SueUnit 4Unit 8

I would like to create a bar chart showing all the units (50 of them) with the number of people who started in each unit and how many are currently in each unit. There will be some units with no one in them, but they need to appear anyway. I've gone around and around on how to do this and am not getting anywhere.





  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    restructure your data. such that your columns are


    Activity Type, User, Unit, rowCount

    Current, John, Unit 1 , 1

    Start , Jonn , Unit 4, 1

    Current, Jane, Unit 3, 1

    Start, Jane , Unit 2, 1

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