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Hey experts


I have Sales data for US states with two columns - State, Sales.

The data is received in Google sheet and I want to make sure that there is no typo in the State column, prior to using it in Magic ETL.


I created a master data that contains all the correct state names. I then right joined my Sales Data with master data with filter “State is null” using SQL data flow. This gives me all rows with misspelled State names in my Sales Data. The output is called “Misspelled States”


Next, I want to run my Magic ETL only if “Misspelled States” is empty.


Is it possible to do that in Domo? Any other suggestions on how this can be achieved will be highly appreciated.




  • jaeW_at_Onyx


    well ... no.  you can't conditionally run execution.  What you could do is count the number of errors and export that with your first pass ETL (although, I would probably just integrate both ETLs into one stage).


    if you have a recursive dataflow in place you could set the rule "if countOfErrors = 0 then ... replace your sales data witth new ETL" and "if count ofErrors > 1 then output the input dataset without changes." 

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