Change which is the line and which is the bar in a line + Grouped bar




X axis is Date, Y axis is summed value, Series is the type (in this case actuals and plan). 


Domo defaulted to actuals being a line, and plan being the bars. Nobody thinks this way. Interestingly, if I look at only current year, it displays correctly with goal being the line because there is no goal in the series for previous year. But when you switch the date range, it changes what is the bar, and what is the line (seems like a bug worth fixing). 


How do I switch what is displaying as the line, and what is displaying as the bar?  The value scales are synced, i'm hiding the second scale,  and I can see that I can make them both lines, which isn't helpful either. 


appreciate your time and help!




  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Line or Bar is determined by the ORDER of the series.  ex. 

    "the 1st series will be a bar, and the 2nd series will be the line." (or vice versa).


    For graphs you can swap line or bar by either

    Changing the sort order of the series (which i believe applies in your use case)

    or for other chart types, swap the order that items are added to the visualization in analyzer.

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