Diferent date ranges on a Dashboard

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Im building a dashboard and some cards have diferent date ranges, some have yesterday as default and some have this month, at this  point dashboard works fine, but if we try to modify date ranges from the dashboard lets say lat month its no working, will show blanks.


am i missing  a  configuration?


thanks in advance.


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    uh... i don't think you've provided enough information for people to give you a good answer.


    if you're applying date filters at the page level yes, it will filter your cards.  So if you have a card that (for example) calculates the percent change between current month and previous month, and then you apply a page filter to show 'yesterday', then yes, your card will 'break' because there isn't any data coming into that card for the previous month which would be necessary to calculate percent change.


    In general, when constructing dashboards, try to make sure the cards are either all at the same date granularity, OR have all your cards based on Today() and don't use Date as page filters.



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