Simple beast mode - two case statements inc IN wildcard


I've hit a roadblock on a very simple beast mode I'm trying to create. I wish to sum a value based field based on two filters, one of which has a wildcard required, due to messy data (to be fixed at a later date).


Where I've got to is:

SUM(CASE WHEN `Budget Segment` IN ('%REL%','%SMB%') AND `Advertising Line` = 'Non Working Dollars (NWD)' THEN `ApprovedAmountUSD` END)


- The budget segment contains records with entries such as AP REL, EMEA SMB, LA CON so I'm attempting to filter only the REL and SMB records from this field

- Of those fields, I also want only the 'Non Working Dollars (NWD)' filter on the Advertising Line field


This beast mode currently returns values, but totals differently vs when I manually apply the filters to the fields if I add them to the Filters. Any help would be much appreciated... 


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user08788 

    You can't use like and IN together. You'd need to split it out to separate logical checks.


    Try this:

      (`Budget Segment`  LIKE '%REL%' OR `Budget Segment`  LIKE '%SMB%') 
      AND `Advertising Line` = 'Non Working Dollars (NWD)' 
    THEN `ApprovedAmountUSD`


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