JIRA REST API Connector to Calculate JIRA Agile / JIRA Sprint Statistics


I'm using the JIRA REST API cloud connector to connect to JIRA cloud. I am pulling in all of the raw data using the Standard Ticket Report and Ticket History Report and joining the two datasets together by ticket ID to get the change history for each ticket. I need to calculate the following metrics for each sprint and these would be the columns:

  • Team Name
  • Sprint Name
  • Sprint Start Date
  • Sprint End Date
  • Start = story points allocated when the sprint started in JIRA
  • Add = story points added after sprint start
  • Removed = story points removed after sprint start
  • End = story points in a status of resolved and/or done when the sprint has closed in JIRA


I'm unable to use the Sprint Report which does appear to have what I need because it requires a board ID and sprint ID because I need to show a 3,6,12 month view across all teams or a specific team (they will be able to filter on time range or team).


So I need to export the raw data and essentially recreate the queries the JIRA agile module (Greenhopper?) produces for these functions below which I don't see the source code for anywhere:

  • atSprintStart() (does not exist today but need it for the Start column above)
  • addedAfterSprintStart (Add column above)
  • removedAfterSprintStart (Removed column above)
  • incompleteInSprint
  • completeInSprint (End column above)

So essentially what fields should I specifically be looking at from the Standard Ticket Report and Ticket History Report to recreate the output of these (seemingly proprietary) functions to produce the dataset with the columns mentioned above?


  • ben111


    I've been down a similar road, and I totally get the frustration when you can't find those specific functions in the Website's API.

    Regarding your challenge, I'd suggest focusing on a combination of fields from the Standard Ticket Report and Ticket History Report to approximate those proprietary functions. For the "Start" column, you might need to consider the initial story points when the sprint started, usually indicated in the ticket's creation or assignment history.

    For the "Add" and "Removed" columns, tracking changes in story points post-sprint start could involve examining updates to the story points field in the Ticket History Report. Similarly, the "End" column could be approximated by tracking resolved and done statuses in the history.

    My advice to you, user043670, would be to take a closer look at the changelog section of the ticket history to pinpoint changes related to story points. Also, consider consulting JIRA's official documentation or community forums; someone might have encountered a similar situation.