Can I Use Calendar Card Page Filters (Ex: Last Week) on Scheduled Reports?

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I have a Page in DOMO that is set with cards that show YTD Data. I have some people who are requesting I build a Weekly Scheduled Report off this Page, but they only want to see data from Last Week. I have a calendar card on the page that allows that filter, but if I use that filter and Schedule A Report it locks in the date range from when I scheduled it and doesn't update from week to week. Is this a bug or lack of functionality? Any other suggestions on how to do this w/o copying the page and changing all the cards to "Last Week"?


Ex: I scheduled the Report on 7/16 using the Last Week Page filter so the report i sent immediately showed data from 7/5-7/11. However, the report that was supposed to send out today, instead of showing Last Week (7/12-7/18) it still showed the 7/5-7/11 data from when i set the Page Filter.


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    @AndrewMeier , I assume your 'last week' filter is explicitly setting a date range.


    What if you created a column on your date dimension for isLastWeek.  Then if you set the filter 'isLastWeek= True, then as your date dimension updates the filter value is always correct?

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