Pivot Table Average Summaries instead of Totals


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With the new pivot table card designs we can add Totals and Sub Totals which is great and sums values into collapsable groups. I can't seem to see a way to set a similar summary using a different aggregation like average, count, min and max.


For example, I have data showing a number of staff working hours which are then grouped by managers. The current Total options can show there working hours summed but I require to show those as an average instead. Would anyone know of a way to do this in pivot table cards?


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  • marisaborges

    The total and subtotal assume the aggregation fuction you use on your variable. If you use SUM on variable hours, total and subtotal will use SUM too. Maybe try to add the same column and use average?

  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Make sure you know which Average you want when you use the subtotals.


    See my screenshot.


    with AVG() aggregation , you'll get the 'row average'.  In my example SUM() / COUNT() = 1.7k on the subtotal.  this is 'normal average' or rin my case 'the average transaction amount'


    But if in your subtotal you're looking for the aggregated average, in my case 111,000 / 2 (different GL codes) = 55k, then you need a different beast mode.


    sum(sum(amount)) over (partition by `Global Dimension 1 Code`) /

    sum(count(distinct AccountNo)) over (partition by `Global Dimension 1 Code`)

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