Can we schedule a PDF or a Powerpoint?

hamza_123 Contributor
edited March 2023 in Datasets

I know that we can schedule reports in Domo, that come in the form an email with images in the email. 

However, does anyone know if we can schedule PDF or Powerpoints? Like PPTs or PDFs attached to a scheduled email via domo




  • GrantSmith

    Hi @hamza_123 ,

    Currently I don't think there's a way to do this but I'd recommend bringing it up with your CSM to see if they can customize something for you.

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  • mberkeley
    mberkeley Contributor

    I've made the request to my CSM. I agree this is needed.

  • ColemenWilson

    Agreed this is needed.

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  • B2FlyTJM

    I agree this is needed, but for the time being, is there a way to print as a pdf - the entire pdf? I seem to only get 1 page when the card produces a longer result. Thank you.