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Hi there,

I've gone through the Filter Cards properties in the Knowledge Base section, and doesn't mention about a "Not In" option.


I'm building a Story Dashboard about Transport Carrier Performance, where I have a particular category of Carriers I wish to "not" include when selecting them.

Currently, I have to click on these Carriers and then go to the Page Filter at the top and select "Not In".


I don't mind so much, since I live pretty much inside Domoland. But getting a work collegue (or Managers) to remember the next couple of clicks to access the "Not In" can be challenging.


Hopefull I've missed it altogether, or there's a work around, either way would love to know.






  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    You could make a beast mode with a CASE statement of all the 'not ins'. and make the else clause "choose me" -- or similar.

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