Connect a valid source Error in Magic ETL with BigQuery Service Connector


Hi, I am trying to transfer the data from one dataset to another. The original dataset is getting the data through BigQuery Service Connector. When creating a Magic ETL and choosing my original dataset as `input dataset` and `Append Rows` I get an error: `Connect a valid source to this action to get started`. Not sure why my root dataset would not be a valid source. 


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user095063 


    How many input data sets do you have? Do you only have the one data set? Are you attempting to do a recursive appending data flow?

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Is the dataset exceptionally wide? Do you have exceptionally wide plain text columns?  


    BTW.  This is the sort of error you should direct to  They are equipped with tools to troubleshoot bugs / issues when the error message is not particularly helpful.


    In the immediate term, you can test if the issue is a problem with the dataset by creating a copy of the dataset and trying to pull it into your dataflow.


    Additionally, you could try creating your ETL in Magic 2.0 (beta) to see if changes in the engine address your issue.

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