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Does anyone know how I can pull all the daily metrics for every video I've ever posted on Facebook? Am I looking at the wrong API? I'm currently using the Facebook Advanced connector and the Page Post Video Daily Metrics API.


For example, YouTube has 2 sets of parameters: A Start and End Date for when videos are published and a Start and End Date for Daily Insights for the published videos. Facebook only has 1 set of parameters: a Start and End Date which control both Published Posting Date and the Daily Insights for those published posts.


The issues I am running into is

  1. Facebook only allows for the equivalent of 1 or 2 Quarters per call.
  2. When I enter in the parameter 1/1/2020-3/31/2020 (Q1 2020), I am only getting videos posted in this timeframe and all the daily insights between this timeframe for these published posts. I want to be able to collect insights in these timeframes even if the Facebook post is from 2019. The reason is sometimes I have a video go viral months or years later.

The screenshot is Facebook Advanced Page Post Video Daily Metrics vs YouTube Advanced Basic User Activity API.


Thank you in advance.


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user019875 ,


    You'd likely need to write a custom connector (or a custom script utilizing the Facebook SDK and the Domo SDK) to pull the data how you want to out of the facebook API.

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