Pulling CSV file from UNIX Server

Hi All,


I am trying to pull CSV file from UNIX server using below DoMo connectors but getting some errors.


1) CSV SFTP Pull Connector - 

           Inspite of providing correct credentials and hostname with appropriate syntax I am getting error                  

           as "Failed to Authenticate. Verify the credentials and try again" 


2) CSV Advanced Connector

           with this connector i am getting following error

           "could not load known_hosts"


With these issue please help me to know,

1) if DoMo is able to connect and Pull file from UNIX Server on specified path ?

2) Do above connectors are useful or we need to use any other connector ?

3) if DoMo have any connector to pull file from UNIX then what is the environment setup required to be made on DoMo and UNIX side?


Thank You.

All your help is appreciated. 



  • Yes, Domo can do it ? Usually it'll be a matter of finding the right configuration settings.


    can you confirm that you can do an SFTP pull using any other client and the configuration settings you've applied?  Filezilla for example?


    if you have the option of scripting from the server side, do consider using the JavaCLI to push data into domo.  I have a tutorial video where I demonstrating using UPSERT, which is completely NOT applicable to what you described, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHSeSbSFS1Q&list=PLUy_qbtzH0S4eYAu13c-NMnyOuxJwspzh&index=8, but it is a complete solution built using the JavaCLI so you can get a feel for what it looks and feels like.




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  • Thank You Jae !!!


    I am not sure what is the configuration setting of UNIX server as it is owned by some other organization.


    Could you please help me to know what are the exact inputs you needed to address this issue? so that I will request that orgnization to provide the same.

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