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I have a set of server applications which I want to track the status on the dashboard.  Each application should have it's own square with a color associating with the status.  My data looks like the below:


app_name | status | color

app1          | ok       |  1

app2          | not ok |  3

app3          | warn   |  2


The only way I found to create equal sized squares for each app was to use a treemap with a calculated field with a static value. But I can't find a way to change the color of the squares based on the 'color' column.  I've attached an image of the dashboard I have so far in domo.  Please advise.  Thanks! 

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    The treemap doesn't really lend itself to doing that type of colorization. In addition to the HTML table, you might look into the Shape Chart, which is found under gauges. You would need to create a card for each app_name, but you could create a story page, or a collection and have them small and right next to each other. There a lot of shapes to choose from like thumbs up, thumbs down, etc. and you can apply different colors to different range of values. The end result would give you a very easy to view status page of your apps.

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