How to pull all active users in Jira group


I am trying to pull all active users from Jira group and i get only first 50 users. Does anyone know what settings/property needs to be changed in Jira to allow to pull more than 50 records?



  • mmakis
    mmakis Member

    Can you clarify "Jira Group"?


    Assuming you mean you are using one of the Domo Appstore Jira Connectors?  Which one?


    And are you then asking about users tagged to something like Jira Issue tickets?


    If you are referencing something like the Jira Rest API connector, use the JQL Query field and specify a data range for the connection, like the last 12 months to see if that helps.

  • tatyanas

    Yes, I am using Jira Rest API. By "Group" I mean an Active Directory group that syncs users into Jira. Please see attached screenshot of how i am getting the list of active Jira users from group. But, the list is limited to 50 first users. I need all active users even if they never reported or were assigned an issue. It's for administration purposes.