Connecting Data Through Email When You Have to Click on a LInk




I'm trying to connect Amazon marketing data. I set up a report to come to me daily through email, but I have to click on a link that says "download", then I have to click "Open".


Does anyone know if it is possible to automate this connection?


Thank you,


  • GrantSmith

    @user17569  - Have you tried one of the Amazon connectors in the Domo app store to connect to your data directly instead of relying on the email being sent? I'm not sure specifically which information you're pulling but you can get Marketplace Data, Advertising Data and others utilizing their connectors.

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  • user17569



    I'm trying ot use the amazon advertising app. Waiting to get the API connected to my developer account that I just created.


    One I use the client id and client secret now though, it says there is an error logging in.